Walmart fun??

Yesterday we decided to go to Walmart to grab some dog food and return the Johnson and Johnson bath items. I knew we had to be fast with my little one always hungry. I thought we were doing great with quickly running in and grabbing what we needed but apparently we took longer than I expected.

A nice lady in I would say her 40s came up to me to let me know that I have a beautiful baby, that made me smile and as I was about to thank her, she added that everyone in the store was talking about him. I thanked her and I felt a mix of emotions at that point. On one hand I was proud and happy that she thought my baby was beautiful and that apparently so did everyone else there but on the other hand, we had only been inside for a few minutes, how in the world was everyone talking about him? I don’t know if it’s the being at home most of the time but it made me uneasy that everyone, according to that lady, was talking about my baby. I was in the process of telling myself to let it go and just be happy when another woman comes up and says that he’s such a happy baby and then looks right at him and says you’re coming with me little guy,and smiles at me. Umm.. I’m sure she was kidding but adding that to how I was feeling I just wanted to get home. We proceeded to the return line where there were only two people in front of us. I started relaxing when, what a shocker, a nice older lady and her friend come up to us to tell me how precious he is. It at this point made me smile. It was sweet and I knew I had to get used to people coming up to us. She then stated that it’ll all be great until he’s 18 and then to lock him in his room until he’s 40. Umm okay then, i had to smile. When she looked at him and said that he probably thinks she’s a crazy lady, the man standing behind us said crazy is right. I looked back to find him glaring at her as if she were wearing her clothes on backwards and had said something truly offensive. I had to laugh. I wasn’t the only one thrown by people’s comments.

It had been one of those odd days but all in all it was really sweet that everyone complimented my baby. Has anyone else had similar experiences? How do you handle people’s comments or advice?


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  1. That’s a wise answer to a tricky quetoisn

    1. Mommylifeguru says:

      Thank you! It was one of those days lol

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