Having a 1 year old son

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I can’t believe that my little boy is already 14 months old. It went by so fast. I can still remember the first month like it was yesterday. He was so little and he’s now such a big boy. I’m so amazed by how quickly he learns and absorbs everything around him. He tries to help me change his diaper, he wants to eat foods by himself using a spoon and holding the bowl, and he is feverishly trying to walk. It’s so incredible to witness him become independent so quickly. Of course it doesn’t go as he plans it. Life has definitely gotten messy. I spend more time cleaning him than anything else but he just loves trying things himself and I think it’s great. What I can honestly say I am not so fond of are his very loud and demanding temper tantrums. It’s almost as if the minute he turned one, a switch went off in him, and he all of a sudden wanted everything his way and he will let anyone who disagrees or tries to stop him hear him ROAR. Lol. He is adorable even then but I have to say my ears could do without such noise. He gets so into it too. He literally throws himself onto the floor and flails while yelling and screaming. The funny part is that he will pause to see if he has my attention and then continue on. Having a toddler is nothing short of a roller coaster but I wouldn’t change it for anything. It’s so incredible.

Thought I would share a little of my experience with you guys. Leave me a comment down below about your experiences. I would love to read about them! XO :)

Natracure Arthritis Mittens

Hey everyone!,

It’s been such a crazy month! Some of you know that between the constant snow we have been having here and colds being passed around left and right, I have been very busy. I once again would like to thank all of my subscribers for being so understanding and supportive! XO Now down to business.

I received Natracure’s Cold Therapy Socks first and fell in love with them! I’ll link my review of them down below. I was then given the opportunity to try out their Arthritis Mittens because they were kind enough to send me them for free for my honest review.

I will start off by saying that I do not have arthritis so as to whether it alleviates arthritis pain, I cannot say. I can say, however, that they are just as well made and comfortable as their Cold Therapy Socks.

Natracure Arthritis Mittens

Natracure Arthritis Mittens

The Natracure Arthritis Mittens are made of a soft fabric with polymer gel lining covering the inside layer where your hands go. They also have soft beads inside the mittens. The mittens can be used cold or hot which is great. A really neat feature is that the starburst designs on the mittens turn red when the mittens are hot to show you to use them with caution and remain blue when mittens are cool. I think this is really great. They also have a light pleasant scent.


I love that the inner gel lining really helps to moisturize my hands while the bead sections feel really nice. I use the mittens cool to help me relax (in conjunction with the Cold Therapy Socks). I like to use the mittens warm when my hands are feeling cramped, tired, or just cold. I have also lotioned my hands and then put the mittens on to really help the lotion seep in and hydrate my skin. This is just something I decided to do and worked for me.

I really love Natracure’s Arthritis Mittens. I think that their products are really well made, great quality items. I think these are a great addition to a relaxation/spa treatment routine.

I would definitely recommend these to everyone. Check them out on their website Natracure.com

The Arthritis Mittens are currently priced at $24.99

If you have tried any of their products that you would recommend me trying or any of your favorite relaxation items please comment down below. Thanks! XO


My review on Natracure’s Cold Therapy Socks http://mommylifeguru.com/?p=218

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Natracure Cold Therapy Socks Review


I have to start with stating that these socks arrived at the perfect time. I have been having a stressful few weeks and these socks have helped me relax and unwind. At first glance, they look like pampering spa treatment socks and instantly make me feel like I am pampering myself. The Natracure cold therapy socks are super comfortable and soft.

The socks come with a full gel pack on the bottom of each and half sized gel pack on the top portion of each sock. The gel inserts can be removed. The socks themselves are soft and stretchy. I love that the cold therapy socks can be worn cold or heated up (heated in the microwave for 10 seconds each side- the socks come with instructions so no worries :) .) I enjoy wearing them cold when my feet are sore and hot from a long day. The socks really cool my feet off while relaxing me. Today I heated them up and they gently warmed up my cold aching feet. These are a great addition to a pampering routine or great for unwinding after a long day. They also claim to help with inflammation and swelling (I didn’t have either so I can’t confirm or deny it) I can say that they helped with soreness in my feet as well as hot feet. My only complaint is that I wish the gel packs stayed warm for a longer period of time but then again if that were the case I would probably live in the socks lol.

I wore these numerous times( for research purposes of course lol), sometimes cold sometimes hot and I have to say I really have enjoyed the Natracure Cold Therapy Socks. I think they are great for everyone.

The socks are washable and reusable. The socks sell for $19.99 on the Natracure website: natracure.com


They have a 60 day Money Back Guarantee which I think is really great, although I don’t think you’ll need it after trying them :). Check them out.


Disclaimer: Natracure sent me a complimentary pair of their Cold Therapy Socks for review. All opinions and reviews, as always, are my own and always 100% honest. I have nothing to gain from lying to you guys and never would :). As always thank you for your continued support of my blog. Love you guys! XO


NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks – Innovative Pain Management Solutions | NatraCure.com

Update :)

Hey everyone!,

I would just like to thank you all for your patience and support as I have been dealing with my little guy’s teething and haven’t been blogging as much as I was before.  He is doing much better now that his teeth have erupted and I can say that I am so glad to be able to get back to blogging consistently. I would like to get a schedule going and get things back on track. I would love to have a blog go up at least once a week. I haven’t decided if it will be a set day each week or not. I will keep you guys posted. :)

How was everyone’s Halloween? Let me know in the comments and I would love to see costumes too!!

My family and I had a really great time. It was my little guy’s first Halloween so it was definitely a special one for me. My mom bought him an adorable dinosaur costume which was perfect since it was a cool day. My stepdaughter was a witch and I was a black cat. I must say she did a really great job on her makeup, me not so much. Lol. It’s my fault for deciding last minute that I DID want to dress up with my kids and that I wanted to do a full face of makeup and make myself look like a cat in oh I don’t know, half an hour. SMH. I had big dreams haha. It was a great time. I was worried about my little guy getting cranky and us having to cut the experience short but overall he did really well. Our first trick or treating occurred at my parents’ house where we rang the door bell and he held out his pumpkin basket for his first candy. It was such a precious moment and everyone involved really enjoyed it. It was a great moment for all of us.

On another note, I have some products that I am SO excited that I will be trying out soon and I can’t wait to put them to the test and let you all know about them! I will give you all more details as the items arrive and I try them out :)

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s almost the weekend!! XO :)


Walmart fun??

Yesterday we decided to go to Walmart to grab some dog food and return the Johnson and Johnson bath items. I knew we had to be fast with my little one always hungry. I thought we were doing great with quickly running in and grabbing what we needed but apparently we took longer than I expected.

A nice lady in I would say her 40s came up to me to let me know that I have a beautiful baby, that made me smile and as I was about to thank her, she added that everyone in the store was talking about him. I thanked her and I felt a mix of emotions at that point. On one hand I was proud and happy that she thought my baby was beautiful and that apparently so did everyone else there but on the other hand, we had only been inside for a few minutes, how in the world was everyone talking about him? I don’t know if it’s the being at home most of the time but it made me uneasy that everyone, according to that lady, was talking about my baby. I was in the process of telling myself to let it go and just be happy when another woman comes up and says that he’s such a happy baby and then looks right at him and says you’re coming with me little guy,and smiles at me. Umm.. I’m sure she was kidding but adding that to how I was feeling I just wanted to get home. We proceeded to the return line where there were only two people in front of us. I started relaxing when, what a shocker, a nice older lady and her friend come up to us to tell me how precious he is. It at this point made me smile. It was sweet and I knew I had to get used to people coming up to us. She then stated that it’ll all be great until he’s 18 and then to lock him in his room until he’s 40. Umm okay then, i had to smile. When she looked at him and said that he probably thinks she’s a crazy lady, the man standing behind us said crazy is right. I looked back to find him glaring at her as if she were wearing her clothes on backwards and had said something truly offensive. I had to laugh. I wasn’t the only one thrown by people’s comments.

It had been one of those odd days but all in all it was really sweet that everyone complimented my baby. Has anyone else had similar experiences? How do you handle people’s comments or advice?