Throwback Thursdays

TBT to when I was pregnant and what I would do differently

My pregnancy overall was pretty low maintenance and routine. I did have some morning sickness but it went away once I reduced the amount of stress in my life. I was working at a wonderful yet stressful job and once I quit to be closer to family, my morning sickness decreased and then went away altogether. What I did to help the morning sickness was to drink lots of ginger ale and I went to yoga a few times a week.

Yoga was the best thing I did while pregnant along with taking my prenatal vitamins and eating relatively healthy. I was really lucky because I rarely had any cravings and when I did, I craved healthy meals like chicken caesar salad or homemade tacos. (Well healthier than what I crave normally anyway). I used to sing to my belly and read books and it still amazes me when I see his huge smile each time I sing him one of those songs.

What I would do differently would be to really enjoy being pregnant and not try to rush the process. I feel like I was so focused on the finish line that I didn’t fully enjoy the moment. I would also not worry so much and try not to be stressed out because it really is harmful for the mom and baby. I would take more naps and do things I enjoy like going for walks in the park, reading, writing, and just enjoying time with family. I feel like I worried so much about everything being perfect for when my little one got here that I spent a lot of my time cleaning and organizing. Yet I must say all of that cleaning and organizing was completely undone within the first week of him being home.

I love where I am at now and how much me and my little guy have grown and bonded. Being a parent really is the greatest blessing. Now I just remind myself from time to time to step back and enjoy the moment and not worry so much. Everything will work out and all will be okay. As long as my little guy is happy, healthy, and safe, all is right in my world.



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