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TBT- Baby gassiness


My little guy is now 7 months old and from birth he has been a gassy little one. Now he is able to manage it well on his own but from birth until I would say 5 months, he would cry and cry because of the gas pains. It was really heartbreaking for me to know that he was in pain or discomfort. I did everything I could to help ease his discomfort and make him feel better.

A few things that helped him were making sure I breastfed him at a slight angle instead of in a laying down position. They said to make sure his head was slightly higher than his stomach. I also made sure to try to burp him each time he was done eating. Doing these alone helped but he was still very gassy.

I tried giving him Gripe water which seemed to help at first but then did little to nothing to alleviate his gas. I also tried Simethicone drops which are meant to help with gas relief. Those seemed to help a little but took a while to work and didn’t last long.

gripe watersimethicone drops






What helped my little guy the most were his tummy exercises as well as tummy time. With how I was feeding him, it was helping prevent too much air intake but not helping once he was gassy. The exercises and tummy time helped him relieve his gas and stop his discomfort. I made sure to have him laying on his tummy for a few minutes (10-15mins or until he was tired of it) a few times a day(usually 2-3). The pressure on his tummy helped relieve some of the gas. If he was still uncomfortable, I would lay him on his back and gently in a pedaling motion would move his legs towards his tummy and then straight out until he passed his gas. I also would move his legs together towards his tummy and straight out in a crunch motion. It got to the point where he would sometimes help pedal or would kick and squirm on his own when he was uncomfortable. These took a few tries but really helped.

For anyone going through this now, I would suggest trying the exercises as well as tummy time before purchasing anything. Also to try to keep their head elevated while feeding them and to always try to burp them after a feeding. I know it can be frustrating and upsetting to see your little one uncomfortable or in pain but just know that it gets better. They begin to learn how to manage it. My little guy now rolls and squirms until he relieves his gas but I must say it doesn’t seem to bother him much anymore. Hope this helps. XO


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