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MAJOR FLOPS (to say the least)

I would have added these to my Flops had I known this information at the time. This is going to start as a rant because I need to vent. This truly upset me. I saw online that Johnson and Johnson brand baby shampoos and some other products may still contain Cancer Causing Chemicals which the company knows about! And yet they continue selling this products. I have so many of their bath items. The thought that this is true is horrifying. I have looked it up and have found it on several sites. At this point I will no longer be using ANY of their bath products on my baby. As of now I will continue to use their baby powders because they do not contain any of the chemicals that the sites mentioned. I really hope they stop using such chemicals if they are in fact using them because so many people use their products and trust them, like I did. The information I found basically states from what I interpreted that they were using harmful chemicals which they stopped using in the recent years but that it’s just the first step and that they still contain possible cancer causing chemicals. I will be discontinuing the use of their bath products for my peace of mind. As for anyone else, do some research and do what you think is best for you. I cannot say with certainty that this is true but below are some of the websites that I found after hearing about it.  XO

These are the sites that I found:

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  1. Great sources. Undoubtedly, you’re an authority in the industry.

    1. Mommylifeguru says:

      Thank you! Xo

  2. I will definitely be reading more if you keep producing posts similar to this one.

    1. Mommylifeguru says:

      Thank you 🙂

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