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Since I can remember, whenever the thought of a baby came to mind so did the scent of baby powder and Johnson and Johnson lotions and sleepy time bath wash. Recently I was informed that Johnson and Johnson products may still contain chemicals/ingredients that may cause cancer. As a cautious parent, I immediately freaked out and returned everything I had from that company.

That’s when the real fun began. What products to buy to replace what I was using? What would be safe for my baby and still smell nice? Luckily I had come across the Babyganics line of products and was already familiar with it. I decided to purchase the conditioning shampoo and body wash combo, bubble bath, moisturizing daily lotion, soothing protective ointment, and the alcohol free foaming hand sanitizer.

So far I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING all of these products. I chose the chamomile verbena scent for them. They also have a mandarin scent and fragrance free. I am already on my second soothing protective ointment. It is really amazing on my little one’s skin. I use it instead of diaper rash cream and anywhere he needs to prevent friction or irritation. Since I have been using it, he has not gotten any diaper rashes. He has not had any reaction to any of these products. I use the sanitizer on his hands as well as mine and it is super gentle. I highly recommend these products. I am always looking for the best and safest products for my baby and these are really great.

Has anyone else tried these? What are your thoughts? Any other products from this company that I should try? Please let me know. XO


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