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As a mom to a now almost 9 month old little boy and step mom to a 13 year old big girl, I am always trying to find healthy foods for my family to enjoy. Let’s just say it’s not always welcomed as I would like. The funny thing is that I get the most resistance from my spouse. He is so anti veggies and seafood that I struggle with being able to maintain a healthy home. I have been pushing it more lately because I want to make sure my kids are eating what they should be. Even trying healthy drinks, smoothies, inserting veggies into any and every meal lol. Before I digress, let’s get into the Apple and Eve juices.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Apple and Eve Quenchers for testing purposes. My daughter was super excited when she saw them because they come in juice boxes as well as a bigger carton. They are organic, natural, no sugars added, and contain 50% less sugar. The flavors I was sent to try were Berrylicious Lemonade, Razzberry Apple Splash, Fruit Punch Burst, and Orange Pineapple (carton).

We each tried one and then took turns trying each other’s juice boxes to see which we preferred. I personally liked Fruit Punch Burst the best, and so did my other half, because it had a sweeter taste than the others without being too sweet and tasted like real fruit punch not the fruit punch juice boxes they normally sell at the supermarket.

My daughter liked the Berrylicious Lemonade the best because she said it was like a light lemonade with a hint of berry which she said was really good.

The Orange Pineapple drink we tried later on and we all enjoyed it. For me personally, I would probably purchase the Orange Pineapple juice or the Fruit Punch Burst because I felt like the other drinks were a little too light in flavor for my taste. I was impressed with how much my family enjoyed them and how healthy the drinks are. I’m glad I was sent these drinks because I would never have bought a Fruit Punch flavored anything on my own because my experience with it has been super sugary not pleasant juices and now Fruit Punch is my go to flavor in the Apple and Eve Quenchers.

I definitely think that Apple & Eve Juices are a great healthy alternative to regular juice boxes. I always gravitate towards organic and natural foods/drinks and this will definitely be one of the items I purchase from now on especially considering that my daughter keeps mentioning wanting the drinks lol.

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Anyone else experience resistance when it comes to eating healthy in their home? What do you do to make up for it? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks! XO :) #PurelyOrganics #Quenchersadventures

These were sent to me for me to try them out. They were complimentary. I chose to review them because I enjoyed them and thought you would too. My reviews are always honest and the opinions are always mine. :)


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My Thoughts on Graze Subscription Box


As a mommy to a 8 month old little guy, I am always on the look out for healthy easy snacks to take with me on the go. When you have a little one, you don’t have much time to yourself or to make something healthy and satisfying. I saw an ad for Graze online and decided to check it out.

Graze is a monthly subscription with the ability to cancel at any time. Graze has a variety of snacks which do Not contain GMOs, No artificial colors/flavors, No high fructose corn syrup, No trans fats. This definitely peaked my interest. Looking at all of the snacks made me feel like I would be receiving delicious healthy snacks that I wouldn’t feel guilty about eating. Each snack is picked by Graze for you based on how you rate the snacks you receive. This subscription isn’t a good fit for someone with nut allergies because from what I saw several of their snacks contain nuts and I believe they are all packaged in the same place. If you have any allergies, I would suggest checking their site before ordering.

They have a few options of packages to choose from: Each 4 snack variety box costs just $6.99, including delivery; Each 8 snack variety box costs just $11.99 including delivery; Each sharing box, containing 5 sharing bags (about 20 servings), costs $25, including delivery.

I received a 4 snack variety box to test out. My box contained a Deconstructed Carrot Cake; Caramel Apple slices; NY Everything Bagel sticks; and Twist of Black Pepper Popcorn.

The deconstructed carrot cake contains carrot chews, cinnamon flavored raisins, walnuts, and ginger fudge. I loved this snack. It tasted exactly like a carrot cake when you combined all of the components. It was such a fun snack to try with my family.


The caramel apple snack was a dipper snack with caramel sauce and dried granny smith apple slices. This definitely tasted like a caramel apple. My little guy loved sucking on the apple slice pieces. I had to share it with him :)


The NY everything bagel sticks are poppy seed onion sesame sticks. Those were my favorite. They are crunchy and taste like an everything bagel. Love them!

Graze everything bagel sticks

The twist of black pepper popcorn was really good. It was popcorn with black pepper and it tasted slightly spicy because of the pepper. I was surprised to like it, but I actually like it better than traditional popcorn.

Graze popping corn

I have to say I really loved the snacks that Graze picked out for me to try. They are all delicious and satisfying. They are a good single serve size for a snack. I liked having them in my diaper bag for when I was out and about and got hungry.  I loved the packaging and quality. Such a fun box. I would definitely recommend Graze to anyone looking for a healthy tasty snack delivered right to your door. Keep in mind these snacks are single serve sizes. I would like to thank Graze for sending these samples to me for me to try out. I loved them!

If you have a subscription box that you are loving please let me know in the comments down below. XO :)

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My Naturebox Review: 5 Snacks


As a mommy I am always looking for healthy, tasty, and cost effective snacks for my family. I saw the ad for Naturebox on Facebook and couldn’t resist trying it. They were advertising the first box being free and cancellation at any time if unsatisfied. There was nothing to lose in my opinion.

The Naturebox of 5 snacks normally costs $19.95 per month. You can change the frequency in which you have it delivered and you can also choose a smaller box with 3 snacks. On their website you create an account and can choose which snacks you want to try. The more snacks you choose the better the chance of receiving only items you want to try in the event that something is out of stock.

I chose 5 snacks: Asiago and Cheddar Cheese Crisps, Honey Dijon Pretzels, Cheddar and Onion Sunflower Kernels, Pistachio Power Clusters, and Peanut Butter Nom Noms.

The box arrived a couple of days sooner than it said it would which was a pleasant surprise. I received my top 5 choices which was great. The packaging is inviting and the bags with the snacks are resealable which is convenient.

naturebox asiago and cheddar crisps

1. Asiago and Cheddar Cheese Crisps- These came in a 3.5 oz bag, a good amount of them in the bag. They are crunchy and cheesy. They taste healthy and delicious. To me they tasted similar to gold fish crackers and cheese-its but crispier and more natural tasting. I prefer these. If you like gold fish crackers and cheese-its you will really love these.

naturebox honey dijon pretzels

2. Honey Dijon Pretzels- These came in a 5 oz bag, a nice amount of them in the bag. They tasted exactly like the honey dijon pretzels i’m used to buying at the supermarket. I must say the pretzel nuggets are slightly bigger and they aren’t as heavily coated with seasoning, which I was happy about. They are very good. If you like honey dijon pretzels you will love these.

naturebox cheddar and onion sunflower kernels

3. Cheddar and Onion Sunflower Kernels- These came in a 5 oz bag, nice almost full bag. These tasted good but the seasoning/flavor was light and hard to tell that it was cheddar and onion. These tasted really good just not what I expected when you think cheddar and onion. I expected a stronger flavor.

naturebox pistachio power clusters

4. Pistachio Power Clusters- These came in a 3 oz bag, a decent amount in the bag. These are my favorite! They are so delicious and addicting. They are nut squares with almonds, cashews, and pistachios. I wish there were more in the bag because I can’t get enough of these. They are healthy and satisfying.

naturebox peanut butter nom noms

5. Peanut Butter Nom Noms- These came in a 3.7 oz bag, only 5 cookies in the bag. These are mini peanut butter oat cookies. They remind me very much chewy granola/oatmeal cookies. They are very good as well and each is a nice hefty weight and are filling. I just wish there were more in the bag.


I must say I was very pleased with my box. Everything was delicious and satisfying. The Pistachio Power Clusters were my favorites with the Asiago and Cheddar Cheese Crisps being my second favorite. I would say my least favorite were the Cheddar and Onion Sunflower Kernels not because they weren’t good, they definitely were, but because the flavor was lighter than I would have liked.

I definitely recommend Naturebox to anyone who is looking for healthy snacks and variety delivered right to your door. I have to say, however, that if you are a family on a budget $19.95/month for the 5 bags might be on the pricey side especially since the bags aren’t very big. They do offer to skip months or change the frequency which could definitely help. XO



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First Impressions: Cosmetics Update

Hey everyone!,

Hope you all are having a great week. I must say mine has been somewhat challenging due to my little guy teething once again but we are hanging in there. :)

Now let’s get down to business. I had done a first impressions post on several cosmetics that I had purchased or received in magazines. I have been using a few of the products and wanted to let you guys know what I think of them so far. I haven’t been able to try all of them due to lack of “me” time. #momlife. One day I’ll be able to have “me” time and some sleep. lol I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

The cosmetics I was able to try I am pretty happy with so far.



1. Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Moisturizer– This I have used for a week now and I must say I am loving it. It definitely made my skin feel firmer yet super soft the first time I used it. It leaves my skin smelling great and feeling moisturized. I have only been using it at night time. I have noticed a subtle glow to my skin as well. I am going to continue to use it and see if it does all that it claims to.

2. Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer– This I have been using almost every morning along with their eye cream and I love it so much. It smells like oranges, just like the eye cream, and definitely gives me a little boost of energy. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft without feeling greasy. I want to check if they have shower gel and face wash of this type because  I love it so much. If anyone knows please let me know in the comments below. :)

3. Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash– I have been using this every other day, alternating with my Purity by Philosophy face wash. I love the way both of them smell and how clean they leave my face feeling. I must say the Origins face wash smells wonderful and feels more luxurious than the Purity face wash but the Purity face wash leaves my skin feeling slightly softer than Origins does. Purity is still overall my favorite face wash although I really love this one too. I am going to try and use only this face wash for a week straight and then Purity for a week straight and see if it’s any different. I will let you all know how it goes.

4. Better than Sex Mascara– This mascara has been amazing. It darkens my eyelashes, makes them look fuller and longer without looking clumpy. I am not a fan of clumpy lashes or having to use a lot of product to make them look fuller and this does the job. It gives me the almost false lashes effect without too much product and without clumps. The only downside for me is that I prefer waterproof mascaras just because I am that person that will cry the one day she is wearing a regular mascara. I do, however, like to try to use my waterproof mascara sparingly because I feel like it is more damaging to my lashes than regular mascara. This comes off easily with eye makeup remover wipes or liquid. I must say that if you forget to take this mascara off or accidentally rub your eyes, you are in for major raccoon eyes and a mess on your face. I have been guilty of this a couple of times and it was not pretty. So if you are wearing this just be mindful of that. I’m sure most people don’t rub their eyes when they are wearing mascara or go to sleep with it on but for us moms who rarely wear cosmetics anymore and who are sleep deprived, it’s bound to happen.

So these are the cosmetics/products I was able to test out several times and I give them all a thumbs up. I will keep you all updated on what I try and what I think of it as well as update you on my progress with these items. If you have a product or cosmetic that you swear by please leave a comment down below so that I can try it! XO :)

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Diaper Rash Creams Review


As a cautious mom I am always looking for the safest product for my little guy. When it comes to preventing diaper rash, I was on a mission. It killed me to see his little behind red or bumpy when I knew it could be prevented. I tried several different creams but none of them truly prevented his diaper rashes until I found what I would like to call my Holy Grail.

First I would like to go through the ones that struck out and why. I’m going based solely on my experience and what has worked for my little guy. Hopefully it could do the same for your little ones. Let me preface this by stating that my little guy is now almost 7 months old and has only had a handful of diaper rashes. The minute I noticed something was not working, I moved on to something else.

DESITIN– The first diaper rash cream I tried on my little guy was Desitin. Not a fan. So many reasons why. Let’s see, it’s thick and sticky and sooo hard to take off of your fingers, baby’s behind or anything you happen to unfortunately come in contact with. I also did not like the extremely strong scent it has. I don’t know if it is just me but I could smell it through the diaper for a while. But worst of all, it made my little guy’s skin feel dry and rough but did not prevent him from getting little bumps or redness. Also, once he had a diaper rash, applying Desitin did not make it go away. I had to have him without a diaper as much as possible and frequently change his diaper until the rash was gone.

BALMEX– Next, Balmex. Fail. I must say it is not as scented or sticky as Desitin which was a huge plus. However, it did not last very long and did not prevent diaper rashes either.

BUTT PASTE– This does not have a bad or strong scent and has a nice creamy light consistency. It does not stay on very long. I have tried samples of it and while I thought it was not bad, I cannot say with confidence that it prevents or helps get rid of diaper rashes.

Diaper Rash Cream by Honest Company– Now this cream I really wanted to love but it came up just short of what I wanted. It has great ingredients and is light in consistency with no strong odor. It kept his behind moisturized and prevented diaper rashes for the most part but once he got a diaper rash it did not help it go away. And he still did get diaper rashes with this cream although not often.

Healing Balm by Honest Company– Now this takes second place. I must say the ingredients are great, no strong odor, moisturizes and lasts. It kept most diaper rashes at bay, and if he did get any, it did shorten the amount of time that he had it for. I would have been happy with this, but I had finished it all and Target was all out of it, leaving me to find something else to use. That’s when I came across the Holy Grail of diaper creams.

I was at Babies R Us when I saw it and I figured that since the Honest Company Healing Balm was so good that I should try this. So glad I did.

Babyganics Soothing Protective Ointment– is the BEST. It has great ingredients, no strong odor, moisturizes, lasts, and is lighter and creamier consistency than the Honest one so you can use less each time. I put this on my little guy each time I change his diaper and he has not gotten ANY diaper rashes while using it. If we are out and I don’t have it with me (I bought the big container which doesn’t work well on the go) his bottom sometimes gets a little irritated but then I apply it and within a few hours he is good as new. I also use this on any of his little crevices (he’s my little chubby munchkin) or any irritated area and it prevents chaffing and redness. AMAZING PRODUCT. I love it so much.

I hope this reviews helps you. Let me know what you think or if you have any Holy Grail diaper rash creams or ointments. XO