My Naturebox Review: 5 Snacks


As a mommy I am always looking for healthy, tasty, and cost effective snacks for my family. I saw the ad for Naturebox on Facebook and couldn’t resist trying it. They were advertising the first box being free and cancellation at any time if unsatisfied. There was nothing to lose in my opinion.

The Naturebox of 5 snacks normally costs $19.95 per month. You can change the frequency in which you have it delivered and you can also choose a smaller box with 3 snacks. On their website you create an account and can choose which snacks you want to try. The more snacks you choose the better the chance of receiving only items you want to try in the event that something is out of stock.

I chose 5 snacks: Asiago and Cheddar Cheese Crisps, Honey Dijon Pretzels, Cheddar and Onion Sunflower Kernels, Pistachio Power Clusters, and Peanut Butter Nom Noms.

The box arrived a couple of days sooner than it said it would which was a pleasant surprise. I received my top 5 choices which was great. The packaging is inviting and the bags with the snacks are resealable which is convenient.

naturebox asiago and cheddar crisps

1. Asiago and Cheddar Cheese Crisps- These came in a 3.5 oz bag, a good amount of them in the bag. They are crunchy and cheesy. They taste healthy and delicious. To me they tasted similar to gold fish crackers and cheese-its but crispier and more natural tasting. I prefer these. If you like gold fish crackers and cheese-its you will really love these.

naturebox honey dijon pretzels

2. Honey Dijon Pretzels- These came in a 5 oz bag, a nice amount of them in the bag. They tasted exactly like the honey dijon pretzels i’m used to buying at the supermarket. I must say the pretzel nuggets are slightly bigger and they aren’t as heavily coated with seasoning, which I was happy about. They are very good. If you like honey dijon pretzels you will love these.

naturebox cheddar and onion sunflower kernels

3. Cheddar and Onion Sunflower Kernels- These came in a 5 oz bag, nice almost full bag. These tasted good but the seasoning/flavor was light and hard to tell that it was cheddar and onion. These tasted really good just not what I expected when you think cheddar and onion. I expected a stronger flavor.

naturebox pistachio power clusters

4. Pistachio Power Clusters- These came in a 3 oz bag, a decent amount in the bag. These are my favorite! They are so delicious and addicting. They are nut squares with almonds, cashews, and pistachios. I wish there were more in the bag because I can’t get enough of these. They are healthy and satisfying.

naturebox peanut butter nom noms

5. Peanut Butter Nom Noms- These came in a 3.7 oz bag, only 5 cookies in the bag. These are mini peanut butter oat cookies. They remind me very much chewy granola/oatmeal cookies. They are very good as well and each is a nice hefty weight and are filling. I just wish there were more in the bag.


I must say I was very pleased with my box. Everything was delicious and satisfying. The Pistachio Power Clusters were my favorites with the Asiago and Cheddar Cheese Crisps being my second favorite. I would say my least favorite were the Cheddar and Onion Sunflower Kernels not because they weren’t good, they definitely were, but because the flavor was lighter than I would have liked.

I definitely recommend Naturebox to anyone who is looking for healthy snacks and variety delivered right to your door. I have to say, however, that if you are a family on a budget $19.95/month for the 5 bags might be on the pricey side especially since the bags aren’t very big. They do offer to skip months or change the frequency which could definitely help. XO



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TBT- The first few months with my little guy



With my little guy turning 8 months old on the 18th, it has me thinking about how quickly time is flying by. I remember the first month of his life being the hardest for me. I don’t mean that in the sense of it actually being more difficult but that it was hardest for me because it was all new to me. I am one of those very organized planners who likes to be in control most of the time. When my little guy was born, I was the happiest I have ever been and I was also the most terrified I have ever been. I was for the first time responsible for another life (other than fur babies), and the thought that I might mess up or that something could go wrong terrified me.

My little guy was born at 6lbs 1oz, 18 1/2 inches. I remember just staring at him as he slept and constantly checking his breathing. He looked so innocent and so fragile like if I held him wrong or wasn’t super careful I’d break him. That’s how I acted for the first month. I was hyper aware, hyper sensitive, and hyper worried about everything that had anything to do with him. I think I pretty much held him or was attached to him in some way the entire first month. For the first couple of weeks I don’t think I even left the bedroom for anything when I was home alone with him. I was breastfeeding (almost 8 months old now and still going strong) and with him eating every two hours around the clock I was always holding him.

Breastfeeding was a major struggle at first with me wanting to give up a few times but I made the effort to continue because it was something I was able to do and something I had really wanted to do. I know it’s not for everyone and believe me before he was born I didn’t think I would be breastfeeding him so I fully understand that. It is a very personal choice that a mom must make and decide what’s best for her and her baby. For me it was difficult because once I committed to breastfeeding, due to our circumstances at the hospital, the hospital staff introduced a pacifier and bottle to my little guy (which isn’t recommended for the first month) and it made it way harder for him to latch properly. There were days where I just fought through the pain so that he could eat. I even supplemented with formula a few times just to give my breasts a small break. But it got better. He learned to latch properly and things became so much easier. I learned to look for cues of early hunger so that I could offer him breast milk before he got to the point of frustration due to hunger. We both learned together and it formed a wonderful bond. Now breastfeeding is pretty much seamless and effortless except when he is teething. Then with the fussing and gum pain it becomes a little more difficult but nowhere near what it was before. For anyone going through it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and please feel free to comment if you have any questions or want to know anything that helped me.

I spent some much of my time worrying about SIDS, whether or not he was eating enough, if he was going to the bathroom enough, if it was diarrhea or normal, if he had a stuffy nose or if he had a cold, and the list goes on. Once I was able to get into a routine and get to know him better and his cues, it became easier because I became more confident and comfortable in my ability to properly care for him and his needs. It’s crazy how no matter how many babies I’ve watched in the past, when it came to watching my little guy, I felt like it was the very first time I had ever done anything involving a baby. A simple diaper change had me anxious. I think I was so worried about possibly doing something wrong that I was so hard on myself. What I learned is that it’s all a process and every parent gets there. I learned to enjoy all the moments and cherish the time I was spending with him. Every parent worries, every parent wants to do what’s best for their child.Once I got past my fears, life became more normal. I got back into my routine (as best as you can with a baby), the stress decreased tremendously, and everything got easier.

Now at 7 months old he is a chubby, handsome, stubborn, determined, and wonderful little guy. Whether it be crawling all over, reaching for phones and remotes, or taking off his diaper, he sure keeps me on my toes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can say without a doubt that he is the one thing in my life I am most proud of. My little guy. My everything. Hope you all are having a good week. XO


First Impressions: Cosmetics Update

Hey everyone!,

Hope you all are having a great week. I must say mine has been somewhat challenging due to my little guy teething once again but we are hanging in there. :)

Now let’s get down to business. I had done a first impressions post on several cosmetics that I had purchased or received in magazines. I have been using a few of the products and wanted to let you guys know what I think of them so far. I haven’t been able to try all of them due to lack of “me” time. #momlife. One day I’ll be able to have “me” time and some sleep. lol I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

The cosmetics I was able to try I am pretty happy with so far.



1. Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Moisturizer– This I have used for a week now and I must say I am loving it. It definitely made my skin feel firmer yet super soft the first time I used it. It leaves my skin smelling great and feeling moisturized. I have only been using it at night time. I have noticed a subtle glow to my skin as well. I am going to continue to use it and see if it does all that it claims to.

2. Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer– This I have been using almost every morning along with their eye cream and I love it so much. It smells like oranges, just like the eye cream, and definitely gives me a little boost of energy. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft without feeling greasy. I want to check if they have shower gel and face wash of this type because  I love it so much. If anyone knows please let me know in the comments below. :)

3. Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash– I have been using this every other day, alternating with my Purity by Philosophy face wash. I love the way both of them smell and how clean they leave my face feeling. I must say the Origins face wash smells wonderful and feels more luxurious than the Purity face wash but the Purity face wash leaves my skin feeling slightly softer than Origins does. Purity is still overall my favorite face wash although I really love this one too. I am going to try and use only this face wash for a week straight and then Purity for a week straight and see if it’s any different. I will let you all know how it goes.

4. Better than Sex Mascara– This mascara has been amazing. It darkens my eyelashes, makes them look fuller and longer without looking clumpy. I am not a fan of clumpy lashes or having to use a lot of product to make them look fuller and this does the job. It gives me the almost false lashes effect without too much product and without clumps. The only downside for me is that I prefer waterproof mascaras just because I am that person that will cry the one day she is wearing a regular mascara. I do, however, like to try to use my waterproof mascara sparingly because I feel like it is more damaging to my lashes than regular mascara. This comes off easily with eye makeup remover wipes or liquid. I must say that if you forget to take this mascara off or accidentally rub your eyes, you are in for major raccoon eyes and a mess on your face. I have been guilty of this a couple of times and it was not pretty. So if you are wearing this just be mindful of that. I’m sure most people don’t rub their eyes when they are wearing mascara or go to sleep with it on but for us moms who rarely wear cosmetics anymore and who are sleep deprived, it’s bound to happen.

So these are the cosmetics/products I was able to test out several times and I give them all a thumbs up. I will keep you all updated on what I try and what I think of it as well as update you on my progress with these items. If you have a product or cosmetic that you swear by please leave a comment down below so that I can try it! XO :)

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TBT- Baby gassiness


My little guy is now 7 months old and from birth he has been a gassy little one. Now he is able to manage it well on his own but from birth until I would say 5 months, he would cry and cry because of the gas pains. It was really heartbreaking for me to know that he was in pain or discomfort. I did everything I could to help ease his discomfort and make him feel better.

A few things that helped him were making sure I breastfed him at a slight angle instead of in a laying down position. They said to make sure his head was slightly higher than his stomach. I also made sure to try to burp him each time he was done eating. Doing these alone helped but he was still very gassy.

I tried giving him Gripe water which seemed to help at first but then did little to nothing to alleviate his gas. I also tried Simethicone drops which are meant to help with gas relief. Those seemed to help a little but took a while to work and didn’t last long.

gripe watersimethicone drops






What helped my little guy the most were his tummy exercises as well as tummy time. With how I was feeding him, it was helping prevent too much air intake but not helping once he was gassy. The exercises and tummy time helped him relieve his gas and stop his discomfort. I made sure to have him laying on his tummy for a few minutes (10-15mins or until he was tired of it) a few times a day(usually 2-3). The pressure on his tummy helped relieve some of the gas. If he was still uncomfortable, I would lay him on his back and gently in a pedaling motion would move his legs towards his tummy and then straight out until he passed his gas. I also would move his legs together towards his tummy and straight out in a crunch motion. It got to the point where he would sometimes help pedal or would kick and squirm on his own when he was uncomfortable. These took a few tries but really helped.

For anyone going through this now, I would suggest trying the exercises as well as tummy time before purchasing anything. Also to try to keep their head elevated while feeding them and to always try to burp them after a feeding. I know it can be frustrating and upsetting to see your little one uncomfortable or in pain but just know that it gets better. They begin to learn how to manage it. My little guy now rolls and squirms until he relieves his gas but I must say it doesn’t seem to bother him much anymore. Hope this helps. XO


Tip Tuesday- Must haves on the Go

Good morning everyone!,

As a first time mommy to a 7 month old little boy, I am constantly trying to stay on top of things and have as much under control as possible. I try to be prepared for as much as I can but sometimes things happen. There are days where I have everything I could ever possibly need and more, and I spend the entire day lugging it around only to have my little guy not need any of it. Then there are other days where I forget the ONE thing that I actually need. The worst days are when I forget his usual must haves. Those are the days I know I will be going home real soon.

My daily going out with my little guy must haves are:

1. Safety 1st Welcome Baby Nursery Kit– This comes with a bunch of essential such as thermometer, nail files, nail trimmer, suction bulb, diaper changing pad, baby wipes container, and more. I use it as an on the go diaper changing station. I put diapers on one side of the bag; baby wipes in the bottom pouch along with garbage bags for the dirty diapers; his baby powder (made with cornstarch only), his Babyganics soothing protective ointment that I use as a diaper rash cream, and a cloth to dry his behind after cleaning it (prevents diaper rashes) go on the other side; and the changing pad I put in the middle gap where it clips together. This is extremely convenient and makes diaper changing a lot easier. I just take this small bag with me when I need to change his diaper instead of taking the diaper bag with all of his other items. It is also great to have everything together in one place for easy, quick access. The rest of the items that it comes with I leave in a container at home.

diaper station


2. Blankets– I usually pack at least two blankets for him. I love the Aden and Anais swaddleplus blankets. He has the wild about giraffes four pack that he loves. It is a breathable fabric made out of cotton muslin so it helps to prevent him from getting too hot. They are soft and a generous size. I have also noticed that they get softer the more you wash them, which is a plus. They are very durable and great quality.

aden and anais blankets

3. Pacifiers– I’m not going to lie, I usually bring WAY too many of these with me. I usually bring two of the Philips AVENT BPA Free Soothie Pacifiers (one is the one he got at the hospital (it’s still his favorite); and one is the 6-18 months one (slightly harder)); one of his Philips AVENT pacifiers that comes with a cover for it, his Chicco soft silicone pacifier; his Dr. Brown’s teether; another teether he has; and his hand and foot teethers. He’s teething so I pack all of these and when he gets cranky I literally hand him one by one until he finds one that he is happy with. (The Chicco one isn’t in the picture because it’s in the car)


4. Toys– I always bring some of his toys. He likes to play with them in the car and in his stroller. I always make sure to bring his Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Giraffe just in case he gets sleepy and his monkey with the blanket. Lately I’ve made sure to bring his Lamaze Flutterbug because it keeps him entertained in the car.


5. Sippy Cup– I like to always have a sippy cup with water for my little guy just to give him a little bit of water from time to time if it is really hot out. Currently I use the Nuby Handle Grip N’ Sip Super Spout Trainer Cup. It is for the most part leak proof and he loves to chew on it.

nuby sippy cup

6. Water bottle or Drink– I like to always have something to drink with me. With breastfeeding, I make sure to stay hydrated as much as possible. I usually fill one of my BPA free water bottles with either water or iced tea.

7. Extra Clothes– I always pack at least one outfit in his diaper bag just in case there’s a mess and he needs to get changed.

8. Wallet– Yep, I literally need to make sure I always bring it. After packing all of his things, and running around trying to get everything done, it takes effort not to forget it.


I’m sure I have way more items in my diaper bag but these are the Must Haves. Without these my day can go from wonderful to a disaster in the blink of an eye. I will be doing a What’s in my Diaper Bag post soon. :) Hope this post is helpful! XO

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