Reinventing Myself

Hey everyone!

I’m back! I have missed you all! I have taken some time to enjoy my family and really be present. After everything that has happened the last couple of years, I felt that that was the right thing for me. Once the dust settled, I felt like I had lost my own identity and somehow I became someone’s partner, someone’s mom, someone’s daughter or sister but what happened to me alone? I had become so focused on keeping my family united and spending as much time together as possible that I lost my sense of individuality. At first, I thought that would be fine but now I’m ready to come back to what I love to do. I love writing and sharing my experiences with you all. I love getting your feedback and tips on how you handle situations or items you love. Please feel free to share with me. Can’t wait to get in touch with you all!

The Soulfull Project Review

Hey guys!

I was recently sent a box of sample hot cereals from The Soulfull Project for me to try out. Before I even tried the hot cereals/oatmeals, I was already in love with the company. The Soulfull Project donates a serving of their hot cereal to food banks in your area for every serving purchased. In essence, you buy one, they donate one. It is such a great thing to do. The way they give back is truly admirable.

I have to say I was surprised to like the hot cereals so much. In the past I have had steel cut oats oatmeals as well as the instant oatmeals of various flavors. With the steel cut oats, I always had to add tons of sugar to make the oatmeal taste okay and with the instant flavored oatmeals I always felt they were too soft and sweet. The hot cereals from The Soulfull Project are a wonderful balance. They have texture and a natural sweetness that, when paired with milk or almond milk, are absolutely delicious. They are the first hot cereals that I literally did not need to add anything to and was fully happy and satisfied with. They are filling and delicious, and not to mention good for you. All of their oatmeals/hot cereals are vegan and some are also gluten free. I followed their recipe guidelines when it came to the measurements. The only thing I did differently, was that I substituted water with milk or almond milk. I love that milk gives it a nice creamy consistency and I like the health benefits of using almond milk instead of just water.

I loved all of the flavors that I tried. I had the pleasure of trying the Hearty Grains and Seeds Hot Cereal (vegan and gluten free), Cinnamon Spice Multigrain Hot Cereal (vegan and gluten free), and Apple Cinnamon Multigrain Hot Cereal (vegan and gluten free). I really want to try their Brown Sugar Pecan Multigrain Hot Cereal next.

My son, who is now 5, loved all of them as well. When I tried giving him the instant oatmeals a few days later, he told me “yuck mommy, giving me the good one, not this”. This was not only hilarious to me but also pleasantly surprising that he no longer wanted the other oatmeals and really enjoyed these. I’m always looking for healthy options for my son that taste great because 5 year olds are tough critics lol.

I believe these can be found at Stop and Shop, Shoprite, Wholefoods, Amazon, and other retailers, as well as on their website. I definitely recommend these. They make a great meal or snack at any time of the day. They are vegan, gluten free (most of them), healthy and delicious.

What are your family’s go to breakfast ideas? What do your kids request?

*As always, this review is my honest opinion. I have not been compensated in any way, in exchange for this review. I was sent free samples to test out and to give my honest opinion. The pictures on this post are from their website so you can see what the items look like. (I had taken pictures of the items I received and my son devouring his food but can’t find the pictures anymore. Mom life am I right?!)
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Surreal 2020: Having fun with your kids

Welcome back everyone!

I’ve missed my blog and am so happy to be back. What have you all been doing to keep busy? What do you do to unwind after a long day? What have you been doing to have fun with your kids? These have definitely been trying times to say the least. I hope you all are staying safe and making the most of this time. I have been trying to spend quality time with my family, while trying not go nuts with cabin fever lol.
I will be posting weekly blogs sharing what we’ve been up to and fun ideas to try with your kids. I want this to be a place where we can share ideas and thoughts to help each other.
Thank you all for supporting me and staying by my side throughout the years. Please feel free to comment with your thoughts and experiences.
If you have any fun ideas of things you’ve done with your kids please share them below. I would love to hear about it.